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Who We Are

Welcome to Neumind Clinic in the heart of Arlington Heights, IL, where we are proud to introduce you to our new practice, led by the renowned Dr. Singh. Born and raised in Illinois, Dr. Singh's roots in the community run deep, and his connection to the area is a driving force behind his commitment to providing exceptional psychiatric care to our neighbors.

Our practice is more than a healthcare facility; it's a place where compassion meets expertise. Dr. Singh, an honors graduate from the University of Wisconsin and a distinguished alumnus of Chicago Medical School, brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to our community. His residency at Rosalind Franklin University, marked by his role as Chief Resident of Wellness and the recipient of the Mark Fahami Award, underscores his dedication to psychiatric excellence.

At our practice, we specialize in a comprehensive range of psychiatric services, addressing mental health needs with a personalized and patient-centric approach. Dr. Singh's extensive experience in various settings – from outpatient to residential care – equips our practice with the versatility to cater to diverse mental health concerns.

Meet Our Team

What truly sets us apart is our philosophy. We believe in balancing patient autonomy with the highest standards of care, ensuring that each individual's journey towards mental wellness is respected and nurtured. Our commitment extends beyond treatment to encompass patient education and empowerment, fostering a community of wellness and understanding.

Ravneet Singh

Ravneet Singh

MD | Psychiatrist

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